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No Boundary Between

The latest incarnation of my artistic output.

Audio Track by Perry Read (aka Final Form) -


Stills from my gif experiments:

  1. Constable - Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (1831)
  2. Cézanne - The Card Players (1890-92)
  3. Caravaggio - Narcissus (1594-96)
  4. Vermeer - The Art of Painting (1666)
  5. Skin II (Variation on Self-Portraiture)

gif experiments: Constable - Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (1831) & Turner - The New Moon (1840) subtitled I’ve lost My Boat, You shan’t have Your Hoop

DOVE (2011) - VERY Short experimental animation I made for college using the stop motion technique. The project looks into the Zeitgeist of the modern world. The themes represented in this animation are peace in the form of a dove (inspired by Picasso) opposed to war, violence, money and corruption in the form of oil.

The song used is called First Brain and is by Kaki King.


gif experiments: Arcimboldo - The Librarian (1566) & Rudolf II as Vertumnus (1590)

gif experiments: Skin (Variations on Self-Portraiture)

gif experiments: Caravaggio - Narcissus (1594-96)

gif experiments: Caravaggio -  David Victorious over Goliath (1599)

gif experiments: Caravaggio - Cardsharps (1594) & Cézanne - The Card Players (1890-92)